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Who We Are

LEIF is a private, third party, non-profit corporation dedicated to using community resources to achieve excellence in Lowndes County Schools. The foundation's efforts are concentrated on improving all classroom performance, improving administrative performance, increasing the quality and quantity of parent participation, and recognition of excellent performance by staff, students, and parents.

LEIF's goal is to aid our public school system by utilizing tax-deductible funds to provide improved educational opportunities for the students and teachers of the Lowndes County School System.

Our goals focus on:


  • Broadening support constituency for Lowndes County Schools,

  • Improving communication between Lowndes County Schools and public,

  • Breaking down isolation of schools from the community,

  • Building public confidence in schools,

  • Catalyzing initiative for school improvement, and

  • Leveraging community resources on behalf of LCS.

Our efforts and goals are implemented through the programs that we not only fund but also facilitate. These programs are:

  • Teacher Incentive Grants  - provide teachers with resources to explore new teaching techniques and develop creative classroom projects to enhance student learning. Grants average about $10,000 a year to classroom teachers.

  • LEIF Annual Banquet – A time to recognize Lowndes County Schools Distinguished Alumnus, as well as outstanding students, award-winning teachers, and supportive parents.

  • LEIF Managed Scholarships – These are awarded to high performing high school seniors. There are currently 10 scholarships available.

  • Special Projects  - These provide opportunities for additional service to the school district. Examples are partnerships with other community groups, such as other school foundations, businesses, and civic organizations.

These programs could not be possible without funds and support of the community. LEIF seeks and accepts gifts of cash and negotiable securities, real property, deferred gifts (estate, insurance), and in-kind services.


Latest News


LEIF Awards $18,000 in

2017 Teacher Incentive Grants

August 2017

We are proud to announce the LEIF Teacher Incentive Grant Committee selected 34 applicants to receive a total of $18,000 in Teacher Incentive Grants!!  Some grant requests are fully funded and others partially funded. The grant checks were presented to each winner at the August 1 back to school Convocation.

Teachers of the Year

Attend Ron Clark Academy

March 2017

The Lowndes County Teachers of the Year spent a day at the Ron Clark Academy (RCA) located in Atlanta, GA.  Energy, enthusiasm, engaging, excitement - these are just a few words to describe the educational climate at the Ron Clark Academy! 

LEIF Names 2017

Lowndes Distinguished Alumnus

March 2017

Dr. Lee Bradford Lucas will be honored as the 2017 Lowndes Distinguished Alumnus at the Annual LEIF Awards Banquet on April 20, 2017.  Lee Bradford Lucas is a 1992 graduate of Lowndes High School. 

LEIF Names 2018

Lowndes Distinguished Alumnus

March 2018

Mr. Owen Clemons will be honored as the 2018 Lowndes Distinguished Alumnus at the Annual LEIF Awards Banquet on April 19, 2018.  Mr. Clemons is a 1975 graduate of Lowndes High School. 

LEIF Awards $20,000 in

2018 Teacher Incentive Grants

August 2018

We are proud to announce the LEIF Teacher Incentive Grant Committee selected 34 applicants to receive a total of $20,000 in Teacher Incentive Grants!!  Some grant requests are fully funded and others partially funded. The grant checks were presented to each winner at the August 1 back to school Convocation.



John and Joyce Feazell Scholarship

This annual scholarship for the children and grandchildren of Lowndes County School system employees was established through a donation by the Feazell family in memory of long-time educator John Feazell and his wife Joyce. This was the inspiration for the Feazell Giving Tree in the lobby of the school board office to encourage and recognize other financial contributions made to improve education in Lowndes County.

Carlton Jones (CJ) Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is given by the wife and family of Carlton Jones and his employer, Valdosta Electric. It honors the memory of Mr. Jones and his kind, generous, and supportive spirit. The $2000 scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing a career in a technical field.

Burton and Collins Scholarship

The funds were given to the school system from the Burton and Collins Estates to benefit students planning to pursue post-secondary education in Lowndes County.  Multiple $500 scholarships are awarded annually.

Steve and Linda Smith Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2012 upon the reitrement of Dr. Steve Smith, who served as superintendent of Lowndes County Schools for 10 years.  The $1,000 annual scholarship award is funded by Dr. Smith and his wife as a way to give back to Lowndes County Schools.

Milhous Family Scholarship

After being named the 2011 Distinguished Alumnus, Johnny Milhous and his family decided that supporting a student devoted to self improvement and community service was an opportunity they could not turn down.  The $500 scholarship encourages the principles and dedication to educational goals, leadership, and community service.

Harley Langdale, Jr Foundation Scholarship

The Harley Langdale, Jr scholarships are four $500 awards given to Lowndes High students planning to attend Valdosta State University, ABAC, or  Wiregrass Georgia Technical College.  The scholarships are given to encourage and promote post-secondary education.

Mary Anderson Scholarship

This scholarship is given in memory of a longtime school system employee.  The $500 scholarship is awarded to a Lowndes High student planning to attend the University of Georgia.

Brett Reddick Memorial Scholarship

Given by the father and sister of Brett Reddick, the Brett Reddick Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of Brett and his dedication to education.   Brett Reddick died of a heart attack at the age of 47, but his memory lives on with this annual scholarship awarded to a student pursuing their educational dreams at Valdosta State University.

"Make Your Mark" Scholarship

What do you get when you throw in a military career, a GA Southern Eagle, and an ounce of passion and pure pride?  Why the “Make Your Mark” scholarship, of course!  Jeremy and Heather Epley are the creators of the scholarship that gifts college funds to military dependents or future GA Southern Eagles.
 Jeremy, originally from Arkansas, has spent almost 18 years in the military experiencing over 10 deployments.  Heather, from Valdosta, was military raised until she left for a Bachelor’s degree and a Masters degree from GA Southern University.  Both passions have been infused to create a scholarship as a way to give back to the community.  Military dependents (who live an extreme life of sacrifice) and future GA Southern graduates are encouraged to go out, generate the person they want to become, to set their path, and design their future…they are encouraged to make their mark!! 

Joy Matthews Memorial Scholarship

The Joy Matthews Memorial Scholarship is an annual $500 award given to a Lowndes High School senior who is the child of active military personnel.  This is given by the family of Joy Matthews who was a supportive military wife and mother.

Billy Swick Martin Memorial Scholarship

Billy S. Martin is considered the man who built the Georgia Bridgemen into not only an award-winning band but he planted the seeds that have made it the largest high school marching band in Georgia.  The band had about 45 members when he became LHS band director. By 1999, when he retired after 32 years, the band averaged about 350 students each year.  This scholarship is awarded annually by the Georgia Bridgemen Boosters at their banquet.


Wayne and Elaine Ricks Scholarship

LEIF Board of Directors member Wayne Ricks and his wife, Elaine, established this scholarship as a result of seeing positive effects of other LEIF programs in the lives of Lowndes County students. The Ricks are particularly interested in assistance to deserving members of the Georgia Bridgemen in their pursuit of post secondary education. The scholarship is for $500 and is to be awarded annually to a Lowndes High School senior who is a Georgia Bridgemen and wishes to be involved in a college music program, but not necessarily as a music major. Character, merit, and need will be the basis for the award.  The recipient must be a U.S. citizen and must attend college in the U.S. during the duration of the scholarship year.

James and Katrina Hargrett


The James and Katrina Hargrett was established by the Hargrett siblings who attended the Lowndes County School System.  This scholarship of $500 will be based on academic performance, independent of need. The preferred recipient of this scholarship will be a senior at Lowndes High School planning to attend college in the state of Georgia.  Students showing strong character, leadership qualities, academic achievement, financial need, and a commitment to community service will receive top consideration.

Clemons Memorial Scholarship

The Clemons Memorial Scholarship is an annual award given to a Lowndes High School senior, in the amount of $500.  The applicant must be pursuing a postsecondary degree and majoring in the field of education at an institution in the state of Georgia. Character, leadership, financial need and merit will be the basis for the award.  The recipient(s) must be a legal citizen of the United States. 

At LEIF, we believe that a little help can go a very long way. Get in touch with us and see how you can be a part of our community of givers!